How it works

What is InSymbio ?

InSymbio is a B2B marketplace that aims to make one company’s bio-based residues and waste another company’s raw material.

InSymbio is:

A digital channel dedicated to the matching of demand and supply of biomass and agricultural residues, to streamline and improve the supply chain

A data aggregator related to materials traded on the platform, in order to discover prices and trends

A marketing tool for companies, which can show to their customers their commitment to waste reduction and increase their rating in funding programs such as the Rural Development Plans

Three simple steps to untap the full potential of your resources

Offer or request raw materials

They can be turned into energy, fuels, chemicals and feedstock.

Find the best opportunities

Aggregate offers, discover prices, trends and companies in the bioeconomy sector.

Close the deal with just a click!

Start buying or selling your resources at the best price, now!